Training for a Half-Marathon

This week & next are my most intense training period for the half-marathon I am doing in April in Waterloo. On Thursday this week I ran 7 miles and this morning I ran 12 miles.

Next week I will be running my usual 5 k on Monday & running intervals on Tuesday (5 miles + warm up & cool down). But here's the kicker, I will be running 8 miles (13 km) on Thursday & 13 miles on Saturday. Ouch!


I ran in my 3rd 5 km run this weekend. It was the second time I had run this race. I did it 2 years ago, but couldn't do it last year because of my broken ankle. I finished the race in under 33 minutes. Not very fast but I finished it. I just kept a steady pace.

Next weekend the 25 km Ride for Heart.


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